360 Feedback

360 Degree (multi-rater) Feedback is an integral part to the assessment and development strategies of many organizations. These assessments provide rich insight about an individual’s strengths and development needs as perceived by the people they work with – manager, peers, direct reports, etc.

Mian Talent Solutions 360 Feedback RelationshipCommonly used to assess leadership talent and provide directional feedback, more and more organizations are leveraging these assessments for non-leader roles as well. The challenge for most organizations, especially small to mid-size companies, is the administrative process required and the feedback and coaching expertise needed to drive true behavior change.

Our 360 Solution uses highly flexible and reliable survey technology to manage and deliver a state of the art experience without the administration hassles.  In addition, our experience and processes will help you move from insight to action.

Mian Talent Solutions 360 Feedback Report

Key Features:

  • Consulting expertise from Industrial Psychologists
  • Customized survey content and communications
  • Survey setup – participant and rater registration
  • Automated reporting formats, including comments
  • Group and/or one-on-one coaching and feedback

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