Mian Talent Solutions has been a key partner in helping us identify the competencies and assessment tools required to develop our workforce of the future.  They have been a partner we can trust to provide solid expertise and high quality deliverables.

Patty Kleinfeldt

Director, Quality and Education, AAA National

Job Profiling and Competency Development:


Job profiles and competency models are the foundation for many HR systems and processes – selection, development, training, etc. They describe the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other attributes (KSAOs) required for success in a job or job family.

Our consultants have extensive experience developing competency models in all kinds of organizations.  We have a large pool of models, competencies, and behavioral descriptors – for many jobs in many industries – that can be used to jump start the process of developing tailored models for clients with unique needs.        

Assessment Feedback and Coaching:

Our team has experience with a wide variety of behavioral and personality assessments (Customized 360 Degree Feedback, LPI 360, Hogan – HPI, HDS, MVPI, and others). We excel in interpreting, debriefing, and providing impactful insights and coaching to leaders and professionals in organizations. Our process also includes understanding individual goals, aspirations, and challenges, and then working collaboratively to create action plans for personal growth. Sessions are typically conducted one-on-one, but in some cases group sessions are appropriate.

Talent Identification:


Organizations need accurate information to help them identify their key talent for critical roles and for potential leadership succession. Our team works with organizations to create success profiles and to develop assessment processes that provide valid data about people’s capabilities. Our approach includes the integration of performance ratings and various assessment tools to assess potential and readiness.

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Mian-Talent-Solutions-Behavioral-InterviewingBehavioral Interviewing and Training

Interviewing remains a key part of the selection process for most companies, even when psychometric tests and assessments are used. They are intended to collect data on competencies and personal attributes required for success and retention. Quite often, however, organizations fail to treat the interviewing process like a test. Our team of Industrial Psychologist help organizations create and improve their interviewing process in several ways: 1) linking the interview to the competencies and attributes required for success on the job, 2) asking better questions and designing ways of evaluating candidates’ responses, 3) providing training for interviewers, and (4) ensuring consistency in how the interview process is applied in the organization.

Mian-Talent-Solutions-Knowledge-TestingKnowledge Testing/Test Development

Companies use knowledge tests for many purposes – selection, certification, employee development, knowledge retention (Kirkpatrick’s Level 2). None of these objectives can be met, of course, if the assessments themselves are not of good quality. Constructing good assessments is a science, not an art, and ensuring they meet psychometric criteria and legal requirements is a rather complex and technical undertaking. Most companies have internal expertise in the content areas covered by the assessments, but they may not have the technical expertise to author valid tests. Our team of Industrial Psychologists help clients deal with all these issues.  The scope of our services can range from only providing technical counsel and reviewing tests authored internally, to taking the lead role in creating new tests.

Mian-Talent-Solutions-HR-AnalyticsHR Analytics/Data Analysis

HR and training functions are increasingly being challenged to prove that their systems, tools, and interventions are valid and that they are truly adding value to the organization. That proof often requires data analysis, statistical procedures, and scientific validation studies. Our team has extensive training in statistics and validation methodologies, and many years’ experience in conducting rigorous, data analysis studies in major organizations.  These are some examples of the types of research conducted:

  • Validation studies – establishing the content validity or predictive validity of assessments or selection/development systems.
  • Impact studies – measuring the impact of employee engagement, training programs, or other interventions on organizational outcome variables.
  • System evaluations – studying the effectiveness and benefits of a selection system to determine which tools/steps are adding the most value.

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