Organizations use surveys in many different ways to collect feedback and gain insight about what their workforce thinks, feels, and knows. Our survey solution can be configured to capture feedback on diverse topics and provide impactful reports.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Our years of experience and research confirms that employees with higher levels of engagement produce more, stay longer, and provide better service to customers. We will help you implement a customized process that will give you insightful information about engagement levels across your organization and how leaders can take action to impact engagement in their own teams.

Training Evaluation Surveys

Understanding the perceptions employees have about training programs is the first step in discovering whether or not training (or any other intervention) is having an impact. We subscribe to Kirkpatrick’s Model of training evaluation and have successfully used it to help organizations recognize gaps in their programs and more closely meet the needs of learners.

Key Features:

  • Best practice consulting expertise from Industrial Psychologists
  • Communication templates
  • Employee engagement item bank with suggested improvement actions
  • Item pool for training evaluation surveys
  • Automated reporting formats
  • Engagement driver analysis
  • Executive summary reports

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