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The Challenge

  • Like most organizations you are probably frustrated with the challenges of consistently hiring people that don’t work out or wasting time interviewing job candidates who should definitely NOT be in the hiring process.

About EASy Fit

  • The EASy Fit Index was designed by Employment Technologies to quickly identify and screen out job candidates who are at a high risk for early turnover. Research shows that turnover within the first 90 days is often due to poor fit between the worker and the job and/or the organization.
  • By gathering work-related preferences, personality insights, and candidate biodata, the EASy Fit Index helps you screen out candidates who are likely to leave or be fired within the first few months on the job. At the same time, this innovative tool identifies which candidates are the right match for the job and your organization.
  • EASy Fit is best suited for entry-level, high volume, high turnover jobs (e.g., Contact Centers, Hospitality, Warehouse Fulfillment)
  • EASY Fit is accessible on any smart device, takes less than 15 minutes to complete, and the results are instantaneously available.

Benefits and Research

  • The EASy Fit Index uses the science of predictive analytics to measure whether job candidates have the characteristics and traits that make them best suited for a specific job or type of work. This technology becomes even smarter over time as we continue to gather and analyze participant data.
  • Predictive research confirms that job candidates who score the highest (low risk for turnover) on the EASy Fit Index stay longer in their jobs.
  • Hiring managers using EASy Fit are able to more efficiently manage the hiring process by only spending time interviewing the best candidates.

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